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EZ-IO® 25mm (40 kg and over) & EZ-IO® 15mm (3–39 kg) EZ-. IO® 45mm (40 kg and over with excessive tissue). For adults and pediatrics anytime in which.

Intraosseous (IO) access can be obtained using manual or drill-inserted below the patella and 1-2cm medial to the tibial tuberosity in adults.

EZ-IO. INdIcATIONS fOR USE: For intraosseous access anytime in which AdUlTS. PEdIATRIcS. • Proximal humerus. • Proximal humerus. • Proximal tibia.

Results. Twenty-four patients were recruited. There were 35 intraosseous insertions, including 24 tibial and 11 humeral insertions. All EZ-IO™.