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The adult morphology of M. yokogawai came to be clarified [2,8-23]; however, still it needs to be described in more detail. Two closely related.

(b) Metagonimus yokogawai adult. .. species by examining eggs is difficult because the morphology and size of eggs of different species are similar.115 Eggs.

Metagonimus yokogawai is a species of a trematode, or fluke worm, in the family Metagonimus yokogawai has adult flukes that parasitize the small intestine.

Metagonimiasis is a disease caused by an intestinal trematode, most commonly Metagonimus 2.1 Transmission; 2.2 Reservoirs; 2.3 Incubation period; 2.4 Morphology The body of the adult disease-causing agent of metagonimiasis is often . "Decrease of Metagonimus yokogawai Endemicity along the Tamjin River.