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Jul 4, 2016 to send us running. But as adults, why does spanking seem, well, hot? Singer explains it's the mix of pleasure and pain — and that it's mental.

There is an ENORMOUS difference between spanking, erotic spanking. The act of spanking can add another element of pleasure because the posterior is plentiful with . Do you think I can find leather paddles, tawses etc. in an adult store?.

Aug 4, 2017 7 Things You Didn't Know About "Spanking Therapy". #1: "What studies have found that 36 percent of American adults admitted to using bondage tools during sex. 2.Spanking can be a catalyst for pleasure and excitement.

Aug 22, 2019 Spanking is a normal and healthy sex act, but you might be too shy to bring it up with The KinkKit on a sensual spanking skills kit for adults, and she Dirty Lola : Sensual spanking is spanking with the intent to give pleasure.