Hand Carved Red-Breasted Merganser Premier Drake Full Size Decorative - Darby Creek Trading - carving a red breasted merganser


Travels With Birds: Jim Harkness carving, Red-breasted Merganser carving a red breasted merganser

There are many ways to carve and finish a decoy. In these articles, I'll demonstrate the techniques I used to make a red-breasted merganser, but these .

Features 7"H x 13"W x 7"D. Solid Cast Polywood Hand Painted Exquisite Detailing Limited Edition These handsome birds are handcast, meticulously detailed.

Hand carved red breasted merganser duck decoy measuring at 18 inches long by in w and inches tall at head carved from pine wood by David J Houle.

Description. Carving and Painting Smoothie Decoys. 350 Edited Images. This CD covers both the Drake and Hen of the Red-breasted Merganser carved in a.