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Selma Hayak Breastfeeds African Baby | Lipstick Alley hayak breast feed

Actress Salma Hayek has been shown breast-feeding a stranger's sick baby during a visit to a clinic in Sierra Leone.

Actress Salma Hayek opened up a whole new kind of breast-feeding debate in 2009 when a video of her nursing a hungry baby boy in Sierra Leone surfaced on YouTube. Hayek told ABC's Nightline that she fed the newborn in an effort to promote breast feeding in a region that has one of.

1 human being is dying every 3 min around the world:(help africa and all the people they give them tetons for horses omg am so sad for.

Salma Hayek let “Nightline” and Cynthia McFadden follow her on a and while there she breastfeed a newborn baby boy whose mother had.