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Hilary Duff recreates Rachel McAdams' glamorous breast pumping photo | Daily Mail Online hilary duffs breast

Hilary Duff took some time out Tuesday to reach out to all the mothers following her and "share a few thoughts on breast-feeding.".

All of us want to be like Rachel McAdams – even Hilary Duff. The mom of two hilariously recreated McAdams' fierce breast-pumping photo shoot earlier this month and posted a side-by-side comparison of the two to Instagram. She simply captioned the photo: "Am I doing this right?".

The “Younger” actress took to the platform on Friday with a hilarious (and relatable) attempt to re-create actress Rachel McAdams’ stunning photo shoot for Girls. In the original photo, McAdams uses two breast pumps while dazzling in dark eye shadow, deep red lipstick, Versace.

Actress Hilary Duff opened up about why she stopped breastfeeding her daughter, Banks Violet Bair, at 6 months in an honest, emotional.