Lumber and Timber Prices - Tropical Logs & Sawnwood Market Reports -16 – 31th January 2019 - price of timber virgin land


price of timber virgin land

timberland when timber prices change, us- ing some virgin timber stock, official fore- casts at least suggest such changes in land use from agriculture to tim-.

growing of wood on all the land that entered into the cost of forest products. . In the United States in 1920 the amount of virgin timber has been estimated at i.

State-owned virgin mixed hardwood timber in Wisconsin. Over 60 . Millions of acres of former pine lands in the Lake States now bear scrubby stands of aspen and oak. With small trees it costs more to saw the same amount of lumber.

Prices for African hardwoods of interest to European buyers are .. vacant, fallow and virgin land has, say local observers, threatened to turn.