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Fulgore is a player character in the Killer Instinct series of fighting games by Rare . Fulgore was In the first Killer Instinct, Fulgore is a cyborg and the penultimate opponent in single-player mode. Developed by Ultratech, the masterminds.

AmmoLow · StrengthLow. Shoots a projectile that freezes the target and disables driving and most gadgets/weapons. 2. Fulgore's Fist. StrengthHigh · WeightLow.

Fulgore is a highly-advanced heavy assault cyborg and the world's first artificial soldier, created by Ultratech. One of the most iconic characters of the Killer.

It took me the time to press RT with some car I made with 2 Fulgore's Fists. *was otakuDARTER, Bosom Buddy, Burzum Buddy* Damn my poor.