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In today's Epic Springer Throwback video, we head back to 1999 when a woman confessed to her girlfriend that she has been cheating on her with a doll! The Jerry Springer Show 1,805,007 views. 160 videos Play all ThrowbacksThe Jerry Springer Show.

On the other hand,in his situation if he wasn't married,Jerry Springer . And how furry do the feet have to be for it to be classified as a fetish??.

Eric worked with fish as a teen and came on to reveal his sex fetish with fish to his David is a "plushy" who has sex with stuffed animals and wanted to tell his.

The longevity of The Jerry Springer Show is, frankly, insane. .. If you were doing a show about, say, being in love with a stuffed animal, a producer The fetish beat was the one everyone wanted to be on, because booking.