Nude sunbather arrested for basking in his own back yard - - naked in th yard


Neighbors complain about Florida man doing yard work naked, police say it is legal | KSNV naked in th yard

A Florida man who has been doing his yard work in his birthday suit has his neighbors upset because, apparently, they’ve forgotten they live in Florida and that this is probably the least terrible “bad thing” that could happen near their homes. There aren’t any Scientologists.

My neighbor likes to walk around his yard unclothed. Is it legal to sunbathe nude in your own back yard? Is it illegal or immoral to walk around naked in my apartment in plain view of the neighbors?.

I live in a neighborhood where I can do a little bit of front yard work without fear of the cops being called on me. I do have to be careful because of the paranoia of people assuming a naked man is up to something sexually deviant. I wish society would quit automatically assuming.

A man in south Florida who prefers to do his lawn work in the nude has his neighbors up in arms. People who live in the neighborhood say their.