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Purple Motherfucker #2 recipe | Cocktail Recipes purple mother fucker drink

Use a "Mixing glass" for "Purple Motherfucker" drink recipe. Combine vodka, southern comfort, amaretto, razzmatazz and sour mix in a mixing glass half-filled .

Glass used: Collins glass. 1/2 oz Vodka. 1/2 oz Southern Comfort. 1/2 oz Amaretto. 1/2 oz Razzmatazz. 1/2 oz Sour mix. 1/2 oz 7-Up. 1/2 glass Ice. Combine first.

Pour each ingredient into a shot glass. Mix vodka, blue curacao, and blueberry schnapps in a mixing glass. Add cranberry juice until purple.

Purple Motherfucker. Mixed Drink Recipe from Cocktail Builder. 1/2 oz of Vodka 1 /2 oz of amaretto almond liqueur 1/2 oz of sweet and sour mix 1/2 oz of.