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The irreversible rape scene, the most famous scene of rape, with Monica Bellucci. monica belluci irreversible sex scene

In the middle of the film's most notorious scene, the sequence in which Monica Bellucci's character is brutally raped and assaulted by a sadistic.

Irréversible is a 2002 French experimental psychological thriller drama film, written and directed by Gaspar Noé and starring Monica Bellucci, to death with a fire extinguisher and its 10-minute long take rape of Alex (Monica Bellucci), who is Irréversible contains twelve scenes presented in reverse chronological order.

The film's flagship horror is a 9-minute unbroken shot in which Monica Bellucci is anally raped in a underpass and then has her face smashed.

When Gaspar Noé's controversial drama 'Irreversible' debuted at Cannes in 2003 , it proved to gallant risk taking with Monica Bellucci (Malèna) & Vincent Cassel (Black Swan) both providing . The most galling rape scene in cinema history.