Mom Embarrasses Daughter So Hard on Facebook She Begs for a Spanking Instead - spank her daughter


Texas Mother Given 5 Years Probation for Spanking Her Daughter | Parents spank her daughter

Her daughter was mortified, of course. "She actually asked for a spanking instead ; she begged for a spanking," Billingsley said. Is this kind of extreme? Well.

My dad was pretty strict on me when I was younger. I understood that my punishments came from the mistakes I committed. I'm currently 15 and I know my dad.

Rosalina Gonzales, a mother of three from Corpus Christi, Texas, was sentenced to five years' probation, a $50 fine, and parenting classes after pleading guilty.

He was a cook in the American army. Amy's daughter was a year older than myself. Amy was in the habit of spanking her daughter over her knee and shortly .