3M White Self Adhesive Tape, 2 Mm, Rs 60 /piece, Mohit Packaging | ID: 19635805048 - gulf states 900 series adhesive strips


Pure Pack Black Transparent Self Adhesive Cello Tape, Rs 750 /box | ID: 12621515588 gulf states 900 series adhesive strips

Polyken 900-12 is made with an 8-mil thick polyethylene backing and a 4-mil thick butyl rubber adhesive which gives the tape a high level of flexibility allowing it to conform to many applications. Being a utility tape, the 900-12 can either be hand applied for small coating repairs or machine applied when United States.

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EPDM foam, neoprene foam, nitrile foam, microcellular urethane, neoprene rubber and butyl rubber. 3M™ L-Series Foam Adhesives Brochure (PDF, 4.34 MB).

With the help of adroit team, we present an extensive series of Transparent Adhesive Tape. Our products are available in varied specifications that meet on .